Darren Daulton Tribute

Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of Darren Daulton, Phillies icon. ‘Dutch’ was ALWAYS a loyal STAN-MILL MITT product endorser. He was the first professional player to wear the short-fingered version which is part of the permanent collection in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. No matter the day or personal challenges, ‘Dutch’ was steadfast and became a very dear friend. Sending our deepest condolences to all of his family and friends. Your fight has subsided now, ‘Dutch’. May peace engulf you.


Carol “Stash” Stanley Identifies Problems and Creates Solutions

Being “hard-headed” isn’t always considered a good thing. But for Stash Stanley, it has proved to be fortuitous on several occasions! Listen to DizRuns podcast with Carol “Stash” Stanley as she describes the trials and success of creating LaceLocker and The LaceLocker Scholarship Fund. Click here to listen to the podcast!dizruns1

Great News For Darren Daulton

Congratulations to Darren. News reports that he is cancer free! He is truly blessed and an inspiration!

Prayers For Darren Daulton


“Right on; Fight on.”  Our thoughts and prayers for Darren Daulton and his family. Darren was diagnosed with brain tumors and returned to his Clearwater area home to continue recuperating amongst his immediate family and friends. We continue to pray for him and his recovery.

LaceLocker® -Never Loose Again

Lace Locker

LaceLocker® is a patent-pending device that keeps kids, runners, even golfers, from having their shoe laces becoming undone. This little weightless device securely stores tied laces so that the laces do not flop around, come loose or get dirty or wet. No need to double or triple knot laces either. The functional beauty and elegant simplicity of the LaceLocker® gives the user something that simplifies shoe lace storage and because of how well it works, parents, athletes, and sight impaired individuals quickly understand what LaceLocker® can do. Visit

Tribute to Gary Carter


In memory of Gary ‘The Kid’ Carter, our forever Hall of Famer. Thank you Gary for all that you did for us.

Tony Graffanino – “Stash Made A World Of Difference”

Tony Graffanino, a former major league infielder says, “I had just switched from shortstop to second base and was turning a lot of double plays, and the ball just kept hitting me right in the palm of my hand. I started wearing the Stash glove and it made a world of difference.”

Tribute to Gary Carter

Our Forever Hall-of-Famer!

Whitelaw Reid of the Daily Progress writes a great story!

What a great story from Whitelaw Reid of the Daily Progress! “Love of the Glove” Check the link HERE or read more on the ABOUT page!


STAN-MILL MITT The classic glove that started it all! It is a part of Baseball History and is in the permanent collection in Cooperstown.
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